Pauer View

View your 360° Media in Virtual Reality

Simple VR Photo and Video viewing direct from Camera to Headset

UPDATE: Version 1.0 Now live in App Lab!

Step beyond the standard media experience

Immerse yourself in the next dimension of photo and video sharing with Pauer View. Upload your images, create dynamic slideshows, and share your adventures with loved ones like never before. The clear and simple interface ensures a quick setup, making it perfect for family gatherings and events.

Connects direct to Insta360 and GoPro cameras – no PC required! 

Meta Quest 2

Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest Pro

Features that will redefine your 3D images

Immersive 360º slideshows

Pauer View allows users download 360º images and videos direct from their camera and create interactive slideshows for an unparalleled VR experience. 2D also supported!

Editable collections

Users can edit slideshows at any time, adding or removing photos and videos for a dynamic and customisable experience.

Simple interface

The app features a clear and simple interface, ensuring a quick setup, and making it perfect for family gatherings and events.

Family-centric sharing

Pauer View enables users to share their adventures with loved ones, bringing them into the world of 3D imagery.

"Pauer View is not just an app; it's a bridge that connects users, allowing them to share their experiences in a more immersive and personal way."